Coaches Corner Daily Thoughts


There is so much to talk about when it comes to time.  The one thing I know is that I have wasted a lot of it over the years.  And since success truly depends on what we do with time we should pay attention to how we use it.

Where are we spending our time?  Are we letting others control it?  Are we using it to distract ourselves from reality through television and social media?  Are we creating a calendar that is setting us up for failure?  I know in my world there is so much distraction.  I have got a minutes, spontaneous meetings, social media, television, personal mindset, family and life in general.

Having big goals I want them done now.  Instant gratification they call that.  Sometimes you have to slow down to move faster.  Here is what I have done over the past 2 weeks to get back on track in managing how I use my time.  Hope it helps you if you are facing the same issue.

The Plan – Scheduling some quiet time to decide what goals I wanted to set in the key areas of my life was priority #1 – Spirituality, Important Relationships, Health, Personal, Finances, Business and Job.

System – Putting together a binder that had these 7 areas so I could keep organized was also important.  Having everything in one place and easily accessible helps.   Sometimes we spend more time looking for things than it would take to get the task done.

Organization – In each section of the binder there is success tools.  For example, in the finance section I have all of the worksheets from Financial Peace.  In the Personal section I have my growth plan and a copy of my vision board.  In the Fitness section I have my measurements, weekly menus and exercise plan.  When building out this section you do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can use proven and repeatable systems from experts.  There are plenty of them out there.

Education and Knowledge – What was I going to feed my mind?  I put together a list of books, videos and podcasts that will keep me growing.  I have 4 books that I read at any given time which reflect the key areas of my life.

Schedule – Once I knew what the plan would look like I put it in my calendar.  If you are not on purpose with your time it may not happen and if it does it will probably happen a lot slower.  I personally use google calendar and I color coordinated the areas.  For example, family is purple, spirituality is peach, job is charcoal and my personal business is green.  Not only does it keep me organized but it is fun to look at.

Be Prepared For Time Bandits – I promised myself that I would follow the schedule and not let anyone interrupt your time.  Having flex time in the calendar helps with this.  You need to be prepared for the unexpected.

Mindset –  Finally, the most important – I decided that I would not beat myself up if I fell off track.  We are human, we make mistakes.  It’s going to happen.  With that being said once I realize I am off track I will reset.  The cool think about life is that and any given moment we can self correct.  We do not need to wait for the next day, the next week, the next month or the next year to reset.  We can and should do it in the minute that we realize we are off track.

So that is what I have learned and how I have planned.  What ideas do you have that you would like to share.  I would love to hear from you.