Our Cookie Factory



GiGi’s Cookies

A Family Owned Cookie Business

Gigi’s Cookies was founded around 2008 when we were baking cookies for our fire department and other emergency service providers for the holidays.  We were testing chocolate chip recipes and I decided to get a little experimental.  For those that don’t know me well my mom was a pastry chef and when she passed away I had a urge to get in the kitchen and start baking.  I have always said that they are cookies from heaven and a way to carry on my mom’s legacy and memory.  When we bake cookies as a family my mom always comes up in conversation.  It’s a great opportunity for the kids to learn about what it takes to build and run a business.


Our cookies have been shipped throughout the United States and are enjoyed at events, local businesses, our church, broker luncheons and in homes throughout the Southern Maine.  Cookies are sold by the batch – approximately 30 cookies per batch for $20.00.  Order by the batch or customize your order for your specific needs. Platters, tins, coffee mugs stuffed with cookies.  We can customize to your specific needs.  Give us a call to learn more 207-286-7411 or fill out the form to order.

Want to help us grow!  A good referral for Gigi’s Cookies is …….

– Anyone who likes to enjoy a good cookie with friends, families or co-workers.
– A hotel, church or large company that serves desserts at events.
– Businesses and sales professionals that give thank you gifts to their clients.
– Marketing and sales professionals that make sales calls and leave something behind.